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Taking Care Of Your Home Like It’s Our Own

What do you look for in an electrician, or any tradesperson for that matter? Of course you need someone able to fix your electrical issues, but what else is important to you?

For starters, the team at The Connection Company are Registered Master Electricians. That means you can call us with confidence for all of your electrical repairs and maintenance, as well as the peace of mind that comes with being covered by the $10,000 Master Electricians Guarantee.

When you call for an electrician, is it important that they turn up on time? Does it matter if they clearly communicate the electrical fault so you understand the situation? Do you want to be presented with options, as well as the expected budget for each option and have the electrician keep within that budget? Finally, do you expect your Christchurch home to be left in a better condition than when the electrician arrived?

Some electrical companies around Christchurch aim to meet these expectations. When you call The Connection Company for your residential electrical repairs and maintenance, you can expect that level of service every time.


  • Residential Repairs and Maintenance

There’s no hot water! The lights aren’t working! Why won’t it switch on? Call The Connection Company for all your residential Christchurch electrical repairs and maintenance. Our team of experienced Registered Master Electricians can find the fault and fix it for you.

When your appliances, lights, heating or hot water don’t work, that impacts your quality of life and your ability to keep your household going. We understand how unsettling that can be, so we’ll work with you to get all electrical faults fixed as soon as possible.

From start to finish, you can trust The Connection Company to always be upfront and honest. That starts by arriving at your home at the agreed time, or giving you a courtesy call if we are going to be late. We’ll explain the issue in plain terms that you understand, and give you sensible options for a solution that works within your budget. Once we’re done, we’ll clean everything up so it was like we were never there, except your electrical problems will be fixed of course.

We’ll treat your house like it was our home. That means turning up on time, providing quality electrical solutions, and clearly communicating with you every step of the way. For Christchurch residential electrical repairs and maintenance, contact The Connection Company on 03 960 2742


  • Fibre, the Internet and Wi-Fi

Is your internet running really slow? Are there Wi-Fi dead-spots around your home where you can’t get a connection? Perhaps you’re not sure how to get your Wi-Fi up and running? The Connection Company will have you online in no time.

So many devices around your home require internet access; everything from smartphones, smart TVs, computers, tablets, to cameras and watches. The standard modems provided by most internet providers simply aren’t powerful enough to boost a strong Wi-Fi signal around your whole home, while providing fast internet access for every connected device. The Connection Company have a number of solutions to make sure you have fast, reliable internet access throughout your entire home, that everyone can connect to.

Great news. You’ve received notice your Christchurch neighbourhood is Fibre ready. What does that mean, and how will it impact you?

The Connection Company are your fibre internet experts. We can explain the impact fibre can have around your home and the difference it can make to your multimedia, internet and home entertainment systems. For options, solutions or a free consultation about fibre access and solutions in your home, contact The Connection Company on 03 960 2742.


  • Home Heating Solutions

EECA Energywise recommend homes are kept around 18 degrees Celcius in winter to protect both the health of your house and the people living in it.

Not sure what you need to keep warm? Are you looking to heat one room or your whole home? Contact us for a free home heating consultation. The Connection Company are accredited Fujitsu and Mitsubishi heat pump installers. Heat pumps are ideal for heating your home for long periods of time because they are very energy efficient.

Radiant, fan or convection heaters are cheaper to buy up front, but they use more electricity to run over time. That makes them useful for heating if you only use a room occasionally or just need to turn them on for a short period.

The Connection Company can also help with underfloor heating or ducted central heating systems to keep your entire home warm. Ducted central heating systems rely on a large heat pump, usually installed in the attic or roof space of a Christchurch home, distributing an even heat into each room through ducts in the ceiling. Underfloor heating systems radiate heat through the floor of your home, or warm the floor itself. Both of these systems are discrete, and provide an even heat spread.


  • Sensors and Automation

The rise in smart devices is leading to more intelligent homes. How would you like the outdoor lights to come on when you pull in the driveway? What about being able to control your indoor lights and heating from an app on your phone? When it comes to sensors, automation and smart home technology, the sky’s the limit.

For the more security conscious, we can install motion activated cameras that send an alert to your phone wherever you are. Want the ability to check on your Christchurch home, business or garage while you’re out of town? The Connection Company can make that happen.

The Connection Company can customise a system for your home, and your preferences. From wireless cameras, to motion activated lighting systems, or controlling all your household devices from your home, for a free smart-home quote and consultation, contact The Connection Company on 03 960 2742.



Seriously impressive service. Thank you so much!” - Fiona Butler, Dallington, Christchurch.



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