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The Connection Company does collect information about how people are using our website in order to improve the value of our website and the materials available on the web site.



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The Connection Company makes every effort to include correct information on this site, but details may be inaccurate from time to time. The Connection Company may make changes to some services and products described and offers no warranty, express, or implied, as to the accuracy of the information given.

Under no circumstances will The Connection Company be liable to any user of this site for any possible damages or losses that may be caused, even if notified of the possibility.

The Connection Company may keep a record of any user contacting the company via this site. Any such information is confidential and will not be used for any external or third-party purposes.



Your privacy is important to us. We will never give, lease, sell, or otherwise disclose your personal information. Any information you give to The Connection Company will be held with the utmost care.
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